AUTEUR Markus Miessen,,
ISBN 9781933128344

The Violence of Participation de Shumon Basar sur - ISBN - ISBN - Sternberg Press - - Couverture​. Les échanges et les travaux d'un ensemble de personnalités artistiques réunis dans le cadre du prolongement d'un projet sur le thème de l'Europe pour la. «The violence of participation», («La violence de la participation») Eléments d'architecture, textes, dessins. Courtesy Markus Miessen & Ralf Pflugfelder..

The Nightmare of Participation calls for a format of conflictual participation—no longer a process by which others are invited “in,” but a means of acting without mandate, as uninvited irritant: a forced entry into fields of knowledge that arguably benefit from exterior thinking. Sometimes, democracy has to be avoided at all costs. The future of the State depends, at least in Europe, on the realization that the State of the 20th Century (the National State embodying internal and external sovereignty) does no longer have any future. Erhard Eppler, Auslaufmodell Staat? ()Is Europe a place, a space, or a temporary community of shared interests? As a political space, Europe is as conflictual as its debated constitution. The Violence of Participation: Spatial Practices Beyond Models of Consensus Markus Miessen The disappearance of class identities and the end of the bipolar system of confrontation have rendered conventional politics obsolete..