AUTEUR Jones Kingsley,,
ISBN 9781852848002

La valle di Chamonix Mont-Blanc, la valle del Trail. La Valle di Chamonix Mont-​Blanc è diventata in pochi anni un luogo privilegiato per la pratica del trail. Découvrez sur Trail running Chamonix and the Mont Blanc region par Jones Kingsley - Éditeur Cicerone Press - Librairie Decitre. Réservez votre livre parmi plus d'1 million de titres: romans, jeunesse, BD, manga, scolaire, bestseller, polars beaux-arts, sciences humaines Et n'hésitez pas..

10/22/ · The best running trails of the region have gained notoriety due to the Tour du Mont Blanc, a hiking trail that usually take between seven and nine days to complete when hiking. But for speed demons in search of thin air adventures, the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc and its umbrella of events are the pinnacle of terrific trail runs. 4/10/ · Author of Trail Running - Chamonix and the Mont Blanc region, Kingsley Jones offers a tantalising taste of the magic that is trail running in Chamonix and the Mont Blanc region. Incredible vistas, myriad trails and scenery that will blow your mind. The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, also known as the UTMB is the most expected trail-running event for trail-runners from all over the world. Each year, at the end of August, the elite of the trail-running world, almost runners, come to Chamonix Mont-Blanc to participate in one of the event's races..